Music is my art, my passion and my livelihood. I play two main genres, finger style and pop rock. My finger style draws from new and old composers. My pop rock influences include Mark Knopfler, Ed Sheeran and David Gilmore. In 2015 I produced "Classical Steel" which while somewhat amateurish was a huge step in my skill development. In 2016 I produced an experimental rock work entitled "The McCracken Symphonic" that I really enjoy listening. This year I have a number of exciting projects. I have recently released "The McCracken Symphonic" commercially. I am currently recording a 40 minute finger style album called "Fingerstyle Pops" that will be available in videos and audio formats. Later this year I also aim to release my first singer / songwriter project. I also hope to remaster "Classical Steel" this year. If you want to support my journey please buy my music, join my mailing list, share this page or drop a few dollars into my tips jar by clicking donate.